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Our 4 Key - Values

Adapting these values

Our 4 Key - Values

We use the term values about something which would really be described more accurately as a set of guiding principles.  

Values are tangible and often refer to wealth that can be defined by some kind of financial value. A set of guiding principles however, play an important role as a compass when we enter into conflicts and need to make decisions. This issue has become relevant because we no longer have a consensus of values in our society. Raising children and living together is often based on random knowledge which is not put into the context of our shared values. If we do not have a set of guiding principles within the family we will live from conflict to conflict and life will be hectic indeed. If you do not have a compass to help you navigate you could end up anywhere.

I endeavor to write about four fundamental values. In my experience these are a constructive set of guiding principles for the interactions between adults, and between adults and children.

Together we need to find new ways to transform emotional love and commitment into loving behaviour.

At familylab we embrace these four key values:  IntegrityAuthenticitySelf-ResponsibilityEqual Dignity

  • Equal dignity
  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Personal responsibility

I trust this will inspire you - please don’t blindly copy these. Instead I encourage you to consider the four fundamental values carefully so you are able to understand which values you bring with you from your own childhood - and which your partner brings. How do these values supplement each other? How are they contradictory? Regardless of which conditions and values you decide to incorporate, it is important that you decide on some. It will make life a lot easier!

Most of us are aware that the “good old days” with a moral consensus as a strong external support for parents are over. Today’s parents are challenged with the need to reinvent parenting and education from the inside – from who they are and from their own personal boundaries and values.

Together we need to find new ways to transform emotional love and commitment into loving behaviour.

Adapting these values – or indeed any set of thoroughly considered values – makes family life much more meaningful and you avoid living hectically from conflict to conflict in constant search of solutions or methods. 

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