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Seminars, Workshops & Lectures

familylab International offers seminars, lectures and training to private companies, institutions and communities.

familylab Internationals staff consists of experienced professionals from the fields of pedagogic, psychology, health care, family therapy and family counselling. All staff members have been certified to conduct Family-Lab’s seminars.


familylab for enterprises, institutions & organisations


People living a dynamic, pulsating family life are often found to be healthier, happier and more creative and productive at work.

With the whole concept of partnership and the care for and education of children under constant reconstruction families need a network and a lot of inspiration as well as clarification from peers and reliable professional sources.


familylab at kindergartens


A child that grows up with the experience of being taken seriously, treated respectfully and learning to trust the wisdom and experience of parents and other adults will become a healthy child with free access to his own core and essence as well as his self-discipline.

This means in short that he is unlikely to become a victim of anybody or anything.




familylab for parents

familylab runs a series of seminars and work shops about issues concerning parenting and education.

These are conducted by certified seminar leaders in each country. Through the seminars you will get a further insight into the philosophies of familylab as well as their practical applications.


familylab for professionals


Are you a professional practitioner or educator who does not believe in simplified models or methods - most of which are aimed at controlling children’s behaviour - but instead work with parents who seek to be supported from within and become the parents they would like to be?


familylab at schools & for educators


Schools are like families in the sense that the traditional power structures are slowly breaking down.



teen seminars & trainings


Question to Jesper Juul:

Regardless of the time and society we live in we seem to always agree that the current generation of children and youth is just terrible, so much worse that ours was. How can that be? Are we not progressing socially and psychologically? What do you think of today’s children?

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