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familylab runs a series of seminars and work shops about issues concerning parenting and education.

These are conducted by certified seminar leaders in each country. Through the seminars you will get a further insight into the philosophies of familylab as well as their practical applications.

Guidance & Advice for families

The idea of our approach is to bring together all family members to help forge better interactions with each other, predicated on the notion that a child is competent and able to contribute as an equal partner in dialogue.  

familylab International offers a space where families can discover, invent and experiment on the best way to interact, moving away from traditional notions of obedience and hierarchy towards equal dignity, personal integrity, and competence.

We operate on the premise that children behave according to how families are functioning, and that in order for young people to have power; there must be a release of power.

Jesper Juul's work over the past 30 years has changed the paradigm of family care and given families the tools to craft their own healthy relationships. Visit your national familylab and contact it's leader for further information on family counseling options.

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