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Schools are like families in the sense that the traditional power structures are slowly breaking down.


What we all need to learn is how to practise the equal dialogue.  Only when that happens will our schools act responsibly in relation to children with academic or social difficulties.

The same is true for parents who will have to stop either “defending” their children or ganging up with the teachers against their children. Neither of these were ever part of the official school policy but tens of thousands of parents and pupils can testify that they were a dominant part of the culture in schools as well as families when the adults did not know what else or more they could do for the children involved.

And that is the focus point of changing this culture: to listen, realize and recognize and learn that there is not one “truth” about any child or her performance at school. What we do know is that a lot of children are doing their utmost to protect their teachers and parents from getting hurt or worry too much. These children and adults often need a neutral adult in order to uncover the complex truth of any so-called “learning- or school-problem.

According to these core values familylab offers seminars and workshops for teachers and educators as well as a long term program for interested communites, schools and academic education institutions

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