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Question to Jesper Juul:

Regardless of the time and society we live in we seem to always agree that the current generation of children and youth is just terrible, so much worse that ours was. How can that be? Are we not progressing socially and psychologically? What do you think of today’s children?


The most simple answer is: we were cooperating with our own parents and we learned specific ways of being of value to them.

We convinced ourselves that our way was the “right” way – not matter how painful it might have been. When a new generation is behaving differently is makes us question our own way but instead of reflecting about our own way, we condemn theirs.

It is not very intelligent but it is very common as you say. When I look at today European children I have a few worries, but mostly I enjoy that  more and more of them are able to grow up without fear and with a lot of freedom to become who they are.

Some national familylab branches already offer in cooperation with Pia Beck Rhydal Teenpower trainings for educators or seminars especially for teenagers.

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